Ottawa police say they are now investigating after someone posted a video on YouTube of a motorcycle travelling at speeds reaching 90 kilometres an hour in Carleton University's underground passageways.

A YouTube user named Logan M posted the six minute, 46 second video Saturday with the caption "Underground Carelton (sic) U tunnels, I rode them, it was loud, and slippery."

It shows a motorcycle weaving through what appear to be the empty corridors underneath the school at high speeds from the perspective of the motorcyclist.

Carleton tunnel racing

Someone posted a video to YouTube of a motorcycle racing the underground tunnels of the university at high speeds. (YouTube)

At one point the video — shot from the perspective of another person — shows the motorcycle racing past, and in another clip, the vehicle races past a young man holding out a cellphone as if recording the moment. No other people appear in the video, which appears to have been shot at night.  The video was later taken down.

A spokesperson for the university said the school considers the incident "highly dangerous" and "unacceptable behaviour."

The school's department of university safety is investigating and will be sharing information with Ottawa Police, according to school spokesman Steven Reid. Police could lay charges of public mischief or endangering the public, said Reid.

He said if the motorcyclist is a student, they could face sanctions including a suspension of his studies, a $500 fine and up to 35 hours of community service.