Ottawa police dressed as construction workers ticketed more than a dozen drivers for talking or texting on their hand-held cellphones Wednesday.

The patrol set up at Bank Street and Chamberlain Street is one of a series of undercover operations — each with a different disguise — planned for this month as Ottawa police target distracted drivers.

The idea to go undercover came from a police force in British Columbia.

Ottawa police tested it last month, dressing as panhandlers. In April, police laid 97 distracted driving charges.

Police across the province are looking at new ways to crack down on distracted driving.

Ontario Provincial Police on Monday also published a traffic safety video called "Don't tempt fate...that text can wait!" on video-sharing site YouTube.

The video includes victim testimonials from a family who lost a son in a 2011 fatal motor vehicle collision in which texting and driving was a causal factor.