Ottawa police are searching the Ottawa River near the Quyon Ferry in the Ftizroy Harbour area in their efforts to locate a woman and her son who disappeared Thursday night.

Donna Graves, 61, and her son Daron Graves, 29, were last heard from as they left The Prior Sports Bar and Restaurant in Arnprior, Ont., at 11 p.m. Thursday.

Ottawa police found what they said was debris near the jetty of the Quyon Ferry, not far from the Graves family home on Ferry Road in Fitzroy Harbour.

Dive teams searched Friday night and were at the scene again Saturday alongside collision investigators.

Police said it was too early to say if the river search was connected to the missing mother and son.

Ottawa police Sgt. Glen Gordon said police are looking at two independant investigations: one to find Donna and Daron Graves, and the other to determine if a vehicle is in the water and retrieve it.

Gordon said skid marks on the road and debris left behind leads police to believe a vehicle has struck the wharf and is in the river.

Police planned to stay at the location until the vehicle could be recovered.

Father, husband, searching for signs

Dave Graves, Donna's husband and Daron's father, said he doesn't believe the two went into the river, and said what he describes as a black piece of plastic was more likely from a snowmobile.

Graves said his family was planning to have a dinner party Friday night, so his wife went to Arnprior to pick up some groceries. Daron went with her and drove, and was planning to go pick up some work gloves, said Graves.

The two decided to eat and play some pool at The Prior, which Graves said was not an unusual circumstance. He said his wife was gregarious and that she and their children socialized as peers.

Graves said at 11 p.m. his wife called and said they were leaving the bar and would be home soon. He said he doesn't believe they drank too much, and said it was understood that if someone needed a ride home, he would come and pick them up.

Graves said he spent Friday driving the routes he believed his son might have taken to get home and saw no evidence of a car going off the road.

Police said the two were believed to be travelling in a Black 2013 Dodge Dart with the Ontario Licence Plate BPZS499.

Donna Graves is described as a white woman, five feet six inches tall and weighing 200 pounds, with long dark brown hair.  She was wearing jeans, a blue fleece jacket with a horse motif and was carrying a black leather purse.

Daron Graves is described as a white man, six feet tall and weighing 180 pounds with short red hair. He was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a dark coat.

Anyone with any information is asked to call West Division at 613-236-1222, ext. 2912.