Ottawa police officers were directing traffic at the Fallowfield level rail crossing Monday evening after the crossing mechanisms appeared to malfunction again.

The lights of the crossing were activated but the arms remained up Monday evening, and a police spokesperson confirmed officers were helping to direct traffic to reassure motorists concerned about crossing the tracks.

By 8:40 p.m. police said the rail crossing was working again, though a police officer was still at the scene at the time.

Warning systems at the tracks have malfunctioned nine times in the last three months in the south Ottawa neighbourhood of Barrhaven, raising concerns about the safety at the crossings. Rail safety has been top-of-mind for many residents in Barrhaven since the bus-train crash at a rail crossing in September killed six people and injured dozens of others.

A Via spokesperson said they did not have any immediate comment but would be issuing a statement shortly.

Via officials had said on Friday it had fixed problems at four of six crossings, including the Fallowfield Road intersection.

VIA had said the final report on the root causes of the previous malfunctions will come at a briefing on Wednesday.