The City of Ottawa and the Algonquins of Ontario are proposing Pimisi — the Algonquin word for eel — as the name for the Lebreton LRT station.


A look at the proposed paint design for the city's light rail trains. (City of Ottawa)

A report released yesterday proposed 13 names for Ottawa's LRT stations, as well as the paint design for the trains.

Most of the name changes from the original proposals were expected: the two downtown stations would be named Lyon and Parliament, the former Campus station would be named uOttawa and the proposed station at the VIA Rail station would be named Tremblay.

Station close to areas of importance to Algonquins

The name Pimisi was recommended by the Algonquins of Ontario who said the eel is known as a provider of nourishment, medicine and spiritual inspiration, and that while it once was plentiful in the region, it is now endangered.

"It is not lost on the Algonquin people that the survival of Pimisi is also an apt metaphor for the survival and rebuilding of the Algonquin Nation," wrote Algonquins of Ontario executive director Janet Stavinga in a letter to the city.


LRT timeline

As the project gets underway, CBC Ottawa will be monitoring its progress. Check out our LRT page, with an interactive timeline featuring video, audio, maps and before and after pictures of all 13 stations.

The location of the LRT station has special significance for the Algonquin people, due to its proximity to Chaudière Falls and Victoria Island.

The report goes to the city's transit committee on August 21.