A 35-year-old man from Pembroke, Ont., is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly striking a dairy cow with an ice chopper in February.

On Feb. 7, an Ontario SPCA officer visited a farm in Pembroke after receiving a call about a dairy cow in distress. The officer found a cow suffering from a hind leg injury "caused by multiple blows with an ice chopper," the SPCA said in a media release issued Monday.

The man had allegedly kicked the cow in the stomach multiple times because the cow attempted to kick him while it was being milked, the SPCA said.

"He then struck the cow in the leg multiple times with a large iron ice chopper, causing a visible injury. When the cow kicked out again, he struck the cow in the same place on the leg again, causing further injury," the SPCA alleged.

The cow was treated by a vet, and the man faces one count of willfully causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal and one count of willfully wounding or injuring an animal.

He's scheduled to appear in court in Pembroke on June 20.