A Carleton Place, Ont. man paralyzed by a football injury says he's out more than $30,000 trying to build his dream home after multiple contractors did shoddy work.

"I think I just have the word 'sucker' written across my forehead," said Paul Legault. "I'm too trusting."

Janet Legault Carleton Place

Janet Legault and her husband Paul took contractors to court. (CBC)

Legault, a quadriplegic, hired a contractor to build a wheelchair-accessible house southwest of Ottawa more than 15 years ago.

A private inspection firm found more than 200 problems with his home. Although he and his wife took the contractor to court and won, he said they haven't received a penny.

On top of that, he said several other contractors since hired have either made mistakes of their own or taken off with the money, putting them out about $30,000 in total.

"I think the people that have ripped us off are the lowest of the low and I have absolutely no respect for them," he said.

Illness has left him bed-ridden

Legault said he was an all-star athlete in high school until he mistimed a tackle and damaged his spinal cord, losing much of his mobility as a result.

Paul Legault

Paul Legault before his football injury. (provided)

He said he's worked hard to stay self-sufficient, becoming a social worker, marrying his wife Janet and adopting two children.

However, over the last few years he's become confined to his bed because of illness.

"Since he got sick and has been home lying in bed, virtually that's his world," said Janet Legault.

"He lies there and he sees all the problems. So, to get some of this stuff fixed would be able to bring joy back into Paul's life. Right now he's kind of in a rut where he sees everything that's wrong."

Fundraiser underway

Heating and air conditioning expert Eric Stewart saw the "terrible workmanship" at the Legault's home and offered to repair their heating system. Now he's launching an online fundraiser to help fix the rest.

"I can't fathom how people can be so cruel and indifferent," he said. "It's bad enough to rip off people who are able to fight back, but to take advantage of people who are in a vulnerable situation and who have no advocate, it just makes it all that much worse."