P.E.I. couple searching for lost dog Zoey in Ottawa

A couple from the Charlottetown area of P.E.I. has delayed their return home after their one-year-old husky mix, Zoey, disappeared during a walk in Ottawa's Arlington Woods area on Nov. 18.

Zoey, a 1-year-old husky mix that looks like a coyote, ran away Nov. 18

A couple from P.E.I. are looking for their dog Zoey after it ran away during a walk on Nov. 18. 2:19

A couple from Prince Edward Island is delaying their return home to search for their lost family dog that ran away during a walk in Ottawa almost two weeks ago.

Zoey, a one-year-old husky mix, became scared and disappeared on Nov. 18 while walking with her owner's nephew. (Facebook)

Zoey is a small, one-year-old puppy — a silver husky mix that resembles a coyote — say owners Maureen Kerr and her fiancé, Dave Glennie. They adopted Zoey about two months ago from the SPCA in Charlottetown.

They said she became frightened during a walk on Nov. 18 with Kerr's nephew in Ottawa’s Arlington Woods area. She then ran away after the boy dropped the retractable leash.

"As she was running it was banging along behind her, scaring her, so she just ran like a bullet," said Kerr.

'I came here looking for work'

"I came here looking for work and, ironically, spent the entire time looking for my dog."

Kerr and Glennie said there have been several supposed sightings of Zoey at the nearby Canadian Food Inspection Agency property. Live-animal traps have also been set up in that area.

There have been many false sightings around the area of Highway 416 and West Hunt Club Road because the dog resembles a coyote, Glennie said.

“We’ve had some reports in the last couple of days about an animal with a lead attached to it that closely resembled her, in this area around this time,” Glennie said on Friday morning. “That’s why we’re here now and we haven’t seen anything.”

The couple said they delayed their plans to return home by one week so they could search for Zoey.

Now with temperatures well below zero degrees Celsius, they are considering camping outdoors overnight Friday hoping Zoey finds them. If not, they will return home Sunday, with or without her.


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