Gatineau police secure perimeter

Gatineau police had secured the perimeter around the area where the weapons were found Wednesday but later said there was no imminent threat to residents. (CBC)

​The son of an Aylmer apartment's former tenant has come forward as the owner of a stash of large-calibre, inoperative weapons found Wednesday.

Some 50 to 75 people living nearby vacated their homes after what looked like artillery shells and large calibre bullets were discovered in a vacated apartment unit on Louvre Street.

Large calibre bullets

What appear to be large calibre bullets were also found in the apartment. (Obtained by CBC News)

Police had set up a perimeter in the surrounding neighbourhood but later narrowed it to the apartment itself.

On Thursday, Gatineau police sources told Radio-Canada the former tenant's son had come forward and is co-operating with investigators.

Police said criminal charges are unlikely.

A team from the Canadian Army came to check the devices and deemed them not a threat, Gatineau police said.

Police said Thursday they and the Army continue to investigate the legality of having these weapons in a home.