An Ottawa woman is asking police to investigate after she was injured during a night out at a club outside Montreal last weekend.

Kayla Rukavina and her friend Tania Chalhoub went to the Beach Club in Pointe Calumet near Montreal on Aug. 12 to celebrate the end of summer classes. 


Rukavina said she suffered scrapes on her legs and her arms on the night of Aug. 12. (CBC)

She ended the night with a number of injuries, including torn ligaments on her right arm and abrasions across her arms and legs.

The two were at the all-day Ibiza dance party when at about 8 p.m. Rukavina said she began to feel ill.

'I wasn't feeling well... then I don't remember anything'

"Everything was going well then all of a sudden I told Tania I wasn't feeling well... then I don't remember anything from there," said Rukavina.

Chalhoub said Rukavina began to shake and her eyes began to roll as if she was having a seizure.

Chalhoub asked security for help and she said they were friendly. But when Rukavina started kicking and screaming, Chalhoub said other security guards dragged Rukavina out of the club forcefully.

Rukavina said Chalboub told her someone in security grabbed her and dragged her across the floor of the club, saying she had taken drugs. "I don't know what happened, she saw everything," said Rukavina.

The Deux Montagnes regional police said Rukavina was in hand restraints when they arrived to help transport her to hospital.

She ended up spending three days in and out of hospital after the incident.

Rukavina said nurses told her they suspect she was drugged, and said her symptoms matched that of someone who had ingested GHB, a drug associated with date rape.

Police investigating incident

The Deux Montagnes police are now investigating the incident after the two women filed a complaint. The investigation will include speaking with security guards and checking security video.

The club, meanwhile, told her it takes the allegations very seriously. 

A spokesperson for the club said security staff are well trained.

"Violence will not be tolerated in any situation, at any time, and by anyone — whether by our clients or our own staff," the spokesperson said in a statement.

Rukavina said her injuries have forced her to put her studies on hold while she waits for the results of the investigation.

"I just want to know who did it to me," said Rukavina. "I was hurt more than I was protected so I just wanna know who did it."