Jim Watson is seeking a second term as Ottawa mayor, and so far six other candidates have been nominated to challenge him: Bernard Couchman, Mike Maguire, Rebecca Pyrah, Anwar Syed, Robert White and Darren W. Wood.

Candidates have until Sept. 12 to file their nomination papers or withdraw from the race.

In the last municipal election there were 20 candidates for mayor. Watson won the election with 131,323 votes and close to 50 per cent of the vote, well ahead of the then-incumbent mayor Larry O'Brien, and former Capital Ward councillor Clive Doucet.

Maguire, the only other candidate nominated so far this year who ran in the previous election, finished fifth in the last election with 6,618 votes.

Here are links to each of the candidates and their contact information.

Bernard Couchman

Email: bcouchman@gmail.com

Tel.:(613) 277-9310

Mike Maguire

Email: info@mikeformayor.ca

Website: http://www.mikeformayor.ca

Rebecca Pyrah

Email: rebecca.pyrah@hotmail.com

Michael St. Arnaud

Email: st.arnaud_michael@yahoo.ca 

Tel.: (613) 276-4212

Anwar Syed

Email: Anwar4Mayor@gmail.com

Tel.:(613) 252-7750

Website: http://www.anwarsyed.ca

Jim Watson

Email: info@jimwatson.ca

Tel.:(613) 702-8897

Website: http://www.JimWatson.ca

Robert White

Email: fm453@ncf.ca

Tel.:(613) 271-8804

Darren W. Wood

Email: darrenwwood@live.com

Tel.:(613) 793-5832

Website: http://www.darrenwood.org