Off-course oriole looking for one-way ticket to West Coast

The Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre is hoping to find a bird lover willing to accompany a wayward Bullock's oriole to Vancouver, where it will be acclimatized and released into its normal habitat.

Volunteer wanted to accompany wayward bird back to Vancouver

This little buddy, a Bullock's oriole, has been recuperating at the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre for more than a year after being rescued in Pakenham, Ont., in January 2016. Now it's time for the songbird to head west. (CBC)

First, a few questions:

Are you flying from Ottawa to Vancouver soon?

Is it an Air Canada flight?

Do you like birds?

Would you be cool with taking a Bullock's oriole as your carry-on, and making sure the little songbird gets safely into the hands of a wildlife rescuer who will take it for acclimatization and eventual release?

If you answered yes to all of the above, the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre would like to hear from you.

Wayward bird rescued in January 2016

The organization is trying to get a Bullock's oriole that somehow made its way to the Ottawa area  two winters ago back home.

The extremely rare appearance drew hundreds of birders to Pakenham, Ont., eager to cross the little bird off their list.

But in January 2016 the oriole, in danger of freezing to death, needed to be rescued.

The bird has been recuperating at the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre since its rescue, but now it's time to return to its normal range on the West Coast.

"This little girl made headlines when she became lost in Ontario, but she's ready to be released back in the wild again and we're so excited to send her home!" the organization said in a recent media release.

Are you interested in this special mission? Contact the centre.