An Ottawa technology company wants the federal government's Public Sector Integrity Office to investigate the handling of a $400-millioncontract, alleging it lost the contract because the bidding process was unfair.

Public Works and Government Services Canada is set to announce the winner of the contract soon.

But The Powell Group, or TPG, says it haslearned it has lost the contract.

TPG owner Don Powell alleges the bidding process was notfair and transparent.

In the House of Commons Monday, Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez pointed out that Public Works Minister Michael Fortier owns shares in a company that is described as a strategic partner of CGI.

Fortier was also the lead investment banker when his former employer, Credit Suisse, underwrote a share offering by CGI in 2004.

Public Works Parliamentary Secretary James Moore said there is no conflict of interest in this case.

"Minister Fortier was not involved, either directly or indirectly, in the selection process for this contract or any other contract since he became minister," Moore said.

Powell said his company and rival bidder, Montreal-basedCGI, wereclose in the technical evaluation of the bid, butTPG underbid its competitor bytens of millions of dollars.

Powell allegesofficials unnecessarily went back to re-evaluate the technical bid and rescored it so that CGI would win.

"If the contract is being awarded to a more expensive bid for reasons that are not legitimate, then I would say that is a misuse of taxpayers' dollars," he told CBC News.

Without the contract, Powell said, 200 of his 300 employees will be out of work.

Powell said his company has been providing IT services to the government for a number of years, and this new contract would have been a continuation and expansion of his company's current contract.

A spokesperson for Public Works said the process was fair and transparent.

If the Public Sector Integrity Office decides to investigate, the process would not be public.

It only reports to Parliament if finds wrongdoing in a case.