Ottawa speed skater Ivanie Blondin placed 14th of 16 racers in the women's 5,000-metre gold medal race on Wednesday, with a time of 7:20.10.

Ivanie Blondin Ottawa speed skater Olympics women's 5,000 final race

Ottawa speed skater Ivanie Blondin, pictured above during the women's 5,000-metre final at the 2014 Olympic Games, placed 14th. (CBC)

The 23-year-old's parents, Lise and Robert Blondin, watched the final at the Broadway Bar and Grill in Orleans Wednesday morning with about 35 other people, including family and friends.

"We're still shaking," said Robert Blondin, just minutes after his daughter's race. "Oh it was very exciting, wow. She looked so nice out there, she looked smooth, I think she raced really, really nice and we're very proud of her.

"For her first 5,000 and the only Canadian, I think she set a good pace there," he said. "Yeah, she died off a little bit at the end, but that's experience. She's going to have to gain that over the years, and for her first Olympics, we can't ask for anything better."

Minutes before the race began, Robert Blondin told CBC News he spoke to his daughter last week, and that she didn't expect to contend for a medal.

Robert Blondin Ivanie father Olympics first 2014 games speed skating

Robert Blondin says he and his wife are "very proud" of their daughter. (CBC)

"She said, 'All I want to do is, I want to do well. I want to do good at this 5,000, that's all I want to do. And I don't expect to win, but I'm going to love this race and enjoy every minute of it,'" he said.

On Sunday, Ivanie Blondin placed 24th among 27 skaters in the women's 3,000 metre final with a time of 4:18.70. She was one of two Canadian skaters, including Brittany Schussler, who placed 19th.

She'll be competing in the women's team pursuit quarterfinals on Friday.