Commuters in Ottawa and across eastern Ontario knew what was coming Tuesday morning, but the reality was actually even worse as 51.2 centimetres of snow fell by the end of the day in the capital. 

So, naturally, some people made alternate arrangements.

Rough commute in morning and afternoon

But for those stuck going to work, roads and conditions were a mess early.

The afternoon commute was actually worse, with massive delays at OC Transpo stations.

Buses had a hard time handling the snow buildup.

Gatineau police responded to emergencies on snowmobiles.

A snow-covered city 

Still, for those who took the time to notice, the city was a beautiful place once it was wrapped in a snow-white blanket.

New record snowfall

51.2 centimetres of fresh snow was recorded at the Ottawa airport at the end of day Tuesday, breaking a previous single-day record of 40.6 cm, which was set on March 2, 1947.

The snow continues from morning into Tuesday evening.