An owner of the defunct Ottawa Skyhawks basketball franchise disputes the National Basketball League of Canada's reasons for removing the team from the league after one season.

The league said its board of governors voted unanimously to remove the team from the league last week for "failing to adhere to league standards."

Commissioner Paul Riley said the team needed a loan to finish last season and missed deadlines to pay it back, to find somewhere to play and give them proof they had the money necessary to play the 2014-15 season.

On Tuesday, Bytown Sports and Entertainment president and club co-founder Gus Takkale talked to All in a Day host Alan Neal about the circumstances surrounding the team's removal.

"The NBL was not able to come through with a financial commitment they had made to Bytown. We don’t owe the league any money," he said.

Takkale also said he's considering legal action. You can hear the full interview below or by clicking here.