An Ottawa woman came just short of defeating the returning champion as she competed in the popular American game show Jeopardy! on Tuesday night.

Myfanwy Davies appeared on Wednesday’s show and told host Alex Trebek that she performs in several Welsh choirs, including the Ottawa Welsh Choral Society.

After the final question Davies’s total was $18,800, while the third competitor, Chicago actor Padraic Connelly, landed at $4,819 — though in Jeopardy! only the winner gets to collect the money.

The unconventional returning champion, Arthur Chu, finished with $34,400, so Davis took home $2,000 as the second place prize.

Chu, who has now won six games and $158,000, is known for jumping all over the game board searching for the “Daily Double” question to maximize his winnings.

Chu has also said he tries to intimidate his opponents with his unusual strategy.