Scammers are targeting Ottawa residents in the city's west end by selling fake CPR courses door to door, a community watch group says.

The fake company says Ottawa paramedics will do the training, but the Ottawa Paramedic Service is not affiliated with the company.

Penny Mayo of the Copeland Park Community Alliance said a woman knocked on her door May 25 pushing her to pay for classes. The woman making the pitch stressed the importance of learning CPR, said the $75 cost was a discounted rate and that it included unlimited training for five years.

"It's really playing on our wanting to keep ourselves and our family safe," she said. "It's an invasion."

When Mayo asked the woman to keep a brochure, she said no. Mayo closed the door. However, at least one person signed up for the phoney offer.

J.P. Trottier, spokesman for the Ottawa Paramedic Service, said fraudsters use the name as a stamp of approval.

"They do tend to come in waves, not come for a few months, and then show up again. That's a big problem for us," he said.

Trottier said if anybody comes forward selling a package with an Ottawa Paramedic Service label on it, the pitch should be ignored.