The Salvation Army in Ottawa says it's struggling to keep up with demand after a surge of Syrian families landed in the capital late last week.

The charity said a large number of families landed on Thursday and Friday, and they're trying to make sure they have enough clothing, food and household items in stock.

"The surge has placed pressure on our ability to meet regular needs of families in the city," spokesman Sean Maddox said in a media release.

"We prepared nationally to meet the needs of the Syrian refugees and the normal client base. We had not expected to have such a sudden surge at this time after a relatively slow pace over the last month."

The Salvation Army issued a plea over the weekend for more donations.

People can drop food donations off at its 171 George St. location. Clothing and household items can be dropped off at any of the Salvation Army store locations around the city.

"No item too small or too large," reads the media release.