From grocery shopping to frugal fun for kids, the CBC's Judy Trinh talks to some of Ottawa's savvy spenders who share their tips on living a low-cost lifestyle.


There are many fun activities for kids in Ottawa that do not cost a pretty penny. (CBC)



Frugal fun for kids

Ottawa parents share their best ideas for fun children's activities for a low price.


Wedding costs can add up quickly and here are some tips to rein in those costs. (CBC)



Wedding on a budget

An Ottawa couple and bride-to-be share their ideas on planning a wedding with a tight budget.


Malorie Bertrand finds purchased three wardrobes for under $100 by shopping for second-hand clothing. (CBC)



Tips on thrifty threads

An Ottawa fashion editor says the best way to save money on your wardrobe is to shop for second-hand clothing.


Christa Amyot is in charge of saving money in her home and she pulls out all the stops, especially in the grocery store. (CBC)



Do your groceries late

One Ottawa mother says she has many routines to save money at the grocery store but the most important is to shop just before closing time.