Ottawa's Michelle Treacy pulled on stage with Lady Gaga in Montreal

Michelle Treacy has a daily routine and a flashy piece of headgear to thank for the moment of a lifetime.

17-year-old singer-songwriter performs duet of Born This Way at Bell Centre

An Ottawa singer was pulled on stage by Lady Gaga at her Montreal concert. 3:46

Michelle Treacy has a flashy piece of headgear to thank, in part, for the moment of a lifetime.

The 17-year-old Ottawa singer-songwriter was pulled from the crowd at the Bell Centre in Montreal by Lady Gaga on Wednesday night, an event Treacy partially credited to her hat.

“I met her before the show and I keep meeting her and I keep saying the same thing, I go up to her and I say ‘Can I ask you a question?’ and she giggles and says ‘Of course’ because she recognizes me because of my hat that she loves," Treacy told Ottawa Morning host Hallie Cotnam on Thursday.

"I say ‘Can you make my dreams come true and let me sing on stage with you?’ and last night was just my lucky night I suppose."

In a video taken by Treacy's brother and posted to YouTube, Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta) calls out to "the pretty little girl who was waiting outside my hotel with the leather rhinestone hat" before letting her sing a snippet of her song Gold Boy.

The two of them then sang Gaga's hit Born This Way before hugging and taking a photo.

“As I was walking up their stairs it felt like I was going to meet a friend, she was saying ‘I promised you I’d bring you up!’ so she was looking out for me and when I got up on that stage she gave me the biggest hug ever and said ‘Let’s do this,’” Treacy said.

'At 11:11 I make the same wish'

Treacy said she's met Gaga a few times, including in New York City where Treacy performed at The Bitter End, one of the venues Gaga played in her early days.

She said she feels blessed by the opportunity and had many people she didn't know tell her that her time on stage was the highlight of the show.

"At 11:11 I make the same wish to perform on stage with Lady Gaga and sell out Madison Square Garden so I’m getting there, I did one thing already," she said.

"I really believe if you have a dream you have to follow it, no matter how many people push you down and tell you you’ll never make it."

Treacy said she'll be going to Gaga's show at Ottawa Bluesfest on Saturday but doesn't have her heart set on a repeat performance.

"Maybe I'll give someone else a chance," she said.