Ottawa Rotary respite program saved from closure

A funding boost from the province will keep the Ottawa Rotary Home adult respite program running until the summer after CBC told the story of two young Ottawa brothers who rely on it.

Provincial funds to keep Ottawa Rotary Home program running until end of summer

Corey, 20, has been caring for his brother Jessie since their mother died just over a year ago. (CBC)

An adult respite program has been temporarily saved from closure after a provincial funding boost of $62,000.

Corey Van Essen, 20, told CBC last week about how he relies on the Ottawa Rotary Home program to care for his older brother Jessie. The 22-year-old has been blind since the age of 13 and has some cognitive and physical disabilities. 

The brothers have been on their own since their mother died in Dec. 2012.

Many listeners, viewers and readers reached out to the brothers and the Ottawa Rotary Home with messages of support and donations.

Now with the new provincial funding, the Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation said the program will keep running until the end of this summer.