Ottawa police officer who shot man cleared by SIU

An Ottawa police officer who shot a man twice during an incident in Orleans last month has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by the province's Special Investigations Unit.

Shooting justified because of suspect's 'bizarre, aggressive' behaviour, SIU says

An Ottawa police officer who shot a man twice during an incident in Orleans last month has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by the province's Special Investigations Unit.

Lenny Sanguya, 20, was shot in the chest and right arm on June 4 after allegedly causing a disturbance on Tenth Line Road.

The SIU assigned six investigators to work the case, according to a news release. They interviewed six police officers and 25 civilian witnesses, and used a copy of the notes from the officer who shot Sanguya.

The officer refused to be interviewed, which officers are allowed to do.

Sanguya kicked out windshield, SIU says

The release said Sanguya got into an argument with a family member in his home on Tenth Line Road on June 4, damaged some things inside the home and then left.

Sanguya then walked into the northbound lanes of Tenth Line Road and stopped traffic.

"He jumped onto the hood of a car driven by a woman who had two children in the back seat, and kicked out the front windshield," the news release said.

"This frightened the occupants of the vehicle and caused one of the children to run from the vehicle. He then moved to another stationary vehicle and tried to pick a fight with the driver … [and] threw rocks at that vehicle."

Armed with 'butcher knife'

The news release said Sanguya then walked into his home and came back out "with a butcher knife."

Meanwhile, the officer arrived and got out of his police cruiser. He drew his gun and repeatedly asked Sanguya to get down, the release said.

Instead, Sanguya taunted the officer with the knife. The officer stepped back but Sanguya stepped forward, ignoring the officer's commands. When there was three to five metres between them, the officer fired twice.

"One projectile entered Mr. Sanguya’s upper right chest and exited his back and the other entered his right bicep area," the release said. "Mr. Sanguya fell to the ground."

Shooting justified, SIU finds

He was taken to hospital and is expected to survive.

The SIU's director, Ian Scott, said in the release that the officer's actions were justified.

Sanguya was armed and acting in "a bizarre and aggressive manner," he said. "He ignored the subject officer’s commands to disarm himself and go to the ground, and he was closing the distance between himself and the subject officer."

The SIU investigates cases of death, serious injury or sexual assault involving police.

Sanguya is facing four criminal charges, including two counts of breaching conditions, one count of possessing a weapon dangerous to the public peace and one count of mischief.