Ottawa police officer fired 2 years later

Ottawa police officer Jeffrey Gulick has been dismissed from the Ottawa police force after appealing a decision to fire him by former police chief Vern White in 2010.

Jeffrey Gulick convicted on multiple criminal charges, including uttering death threats

An Ottawa police officer who challenged his dismissal from the force is no longer a man in uniform after the Ontario Divisional Court dismissed his application for review.

Const. Jeffrey Gulick pleaded guilty in Jan. 2010 to a charge of discreditable conduct following an off-duty incident in May 2008.

Gulick had been convicted on criminal charges including mischief, uttering death threats, escaping lawful custody and possession of a dangerous weapon in Feb. 2009.

Former Ottawa police chief Vern White had tried to have Gulick removed from the force due to the nature of the charges and the breach of public trust and confidence.

But the former officer appealed that decision to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission and he was suspended with pay since 2008.

The dismissal of his appeal came Oct. 3 and Gulick had seven days to resign or he would be dismissed. He chose not to resign and he has been let go.