Andre Boisclair Ottawa Murder Victim

Andre Boisclair was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for evading a subpoena in 2008. He was stabbed to death in a central Ottawa rooming house on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013. (Ottawa Police)

Ottawa police have a male suspect in custody in connection with Saturday’s fatal stabbing on Somerset Street West.

Police sources told CBC News the man was arrested just before noon on Sunday.

Police have been investigating Ottawa’s ninth homicide of the year since early Saturday morning, when an injured man was taken from 494 Somerset St. W and later pronounced dead.

The victim has been identified as André Boisclair, a man with a criminal past who once admitted to driving a getaway car after a murder.

Boisclair, 37, admitted during a trial to driving a getaway car after the murder of Douglas Earl Joe in May of 1997.

A retrial was called but Boisclair refused to testify, resulting in a Canada-wide warrant issued by the RCMP in 2008.

In the warrant, they said Boisclair was the son of André Gagnon, a prominent member of local biker gang the Ottawa Outlaws.

The RCMP also said at the time that Boisclair was a long-time bank robber and should be considered violent.

The investigation into his death continues.