Ottawa police have confirmed the identity of a woman found dead in a Lower Town parking lot Friday.

Leeanne Lawson, 23, was found next to a Hydro Ottawa substation on King Edward Avenue, between York and George Streets.

Police said Friday they discovered a woman's body after responding to a call at 2:50 a.m., but did not say it was a murder, the CBC's Steve Fischer reported Friday.

Police cordoned off a public parking lot between between the substation and Nouvelle Scène theatre company. The body was found between a fence and the hydro building, Fischer said.

By mid-afternoon, the body had been removed from the scene.

Police retrieved a bicycle and clothes in a plastic bag and investigators were at the scene Friday afternoon.

The parking lot was a late-night hangout for drinkers, drug users and prostitutes.

With files from the CBC's Giacomo Panico