An alleged victim of police abuse and a key witness will both be interviewed in the coming weeks, Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has confirmed.

Tash Doucette claims she saw Ottawa police officers rough up a homeless man who was bundled up on an Osgoode Street sidewalk in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood.

Doucette had called the police after noticing the man while walking home with her daughter around 6 a.m. Saturday.

The pair, who had been at the hospital all night, feared for the man's safety. 


Tash Doucette says she will file an official complaint to Ottawa police after she alleges she saw officers push around a homeless man Saturday morning. (CBC)

But after police arrived, Doucette claimed officers quickly became aggressive.

"His arm was behind his back and then they pushed him head first, like a tree, and he went head first into the pavement," said Doucette.

The mother and daughter then came from behind the bushes where they were watching to confront the cops.

Doucette alleged the officers quickly told her the man had initiated the violence, but she said he didn't hit back or put up any fight.

"The police officer said, 'You saw that he hit me,' and I did not see him hit anyone," said Doucette.

Hugh Styres, 51, believes he was the alleged victim.

Styres, who lives at the Ottawa Mission, is now charged with assaulting a police officer.

Doucette has filed an official complaint to Ottawa police. The force, however, won't comment about an ongoing SIU investigation.