A group of mothers in Ottawa's Britannia area are making an effort to reduce their childrens' sugar intake this Halloween.

The group is pledging to offer low-sugar candy and other healthy alternatives to trick-or-treaters who come to their doors.

"Things like popcorn and juice boxes are things that kids love anyways and to a lot of kids that is a treat," said organizer Maggie Cordina. "In my mind it's not ruining Halloween, it's just changing Halloween."

"It's very important that they eat nutritional foods and 'Oh Henry!' isn't part of that equation," she said.

Parents giving out fruit cups, small toys

Cordina started a chat group on a local website to come up with healthy Halloween treat ideas.

"Fruit cups, 100% fruit, cheese strings, things like that," she said of some of the suggestions.

Other parents are choosing to forgo food altogether and offer small toys instead.

"I have play-dough that I got at the dollar store, I have hair clips for little girls, I've got some hockey cards," said mother Janna Hamilton. 

Kids could put on a pound during Halloween, says nutritionist

Ottawa nutritionist, Jodi Turner, applauds the group's efforts.

"It's really all about the fun and festivities of dressing up and becoming someone else for a day, rather than all the goodies and the treats that we associate it with," said Turner.

"They could be putting on a pound of weight Halloween week just with all the sugar that they're consuming."