Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson confirms he will run for re-election this coming October.

Watson posted on Twitter and Facebook he is getting set for run for a second consecutive term. Watson was formerly Ottawa’s mayor from 1997 to 2000.

Watson said he would officially register to run again on Monday morning, almost three months after registration opened to the public.

The mayor had said he would run again but had yet to make it official. He has also said that being Ottawa's mayor would be his last job in politics.

To register as a mayoral or councillor candidate, you must live or own land in Ottawa or be the spouse of somebody who is, be a Canadian citizen at least 18 years old who isn’t banned from voting by law.

A fee of $200 is charged for people wanting to run for mayor, while the fee to run for councillor is $100.

Candidates have until Sept. 12 to register and nunicipal elections across Ontario will take place on Oct. 27, 2014.

Veteran city councillors Steve Desroches and Rainer Bloess are among those who have announced they will not seek re-election in their respective wards.