Ottawa man who assaulted bus driver gets 8 months in jail

A 50-year-old Ottawa man who reportedly boarded an OC Transpo bus while intoxicated has been sentenced to more than eight months in jail after he assaulted the bus driver.

An Ottawa man has been sentenced to eight and a half months in jail for assaulting an OC Transpo bus driver in March, police say.

Patrick Guitard, 50, originally faced four charges after he allegedly became "belligerent and aggressive towards the driver” while intoxicated, police had said.

He boarded the bus on Waller Street in the evening of March 4 and struck the driver while the bus was in motion.

The bus swerved across the centre line into the direction of oncoming traffic but the incident did not cause any crashes, police said. The driver was not injured.

Police tweeted the man’s sentence is eight-and-a-half months in jail and one year probation.