A pilot says he is happy that he and his grandson are safe and after making an emergency landing on the Gatineau River in the man’s float plane.

Pilot Michael Miles said the small plane clipped a tree near the edge of the river soon after takeoff. It then had to make the emergency landing about 10 kilometres north of Chelsea, Que.

Broken float plane wing

This wing snapped off the float plane soon after Michael Mile took off with his grandson on Saturday. (CBC)

Miles said he powered up the plane, which automatically makes the aircraft turn to the right and into the fog. Miles tried to counter that, but not before its right wing was knocked off by the tree, which left him in trouble out over the water.

“There wasn’t enough time (to be afraid). Things happen very fast when you’re flying an airplane like this,” said Miles.

“I’m probably the luckiest man in the world right now because if I was off the water it would be a totally different situation.”

Neither Miles nor his grandson was injured as they walked out onto the floats of the plane when it landed.