Ottawa man charged for selling pirated satellite receivers

The RCMP have charged a west Ottawa man with pirating satellite receivers after they seized satellite receivers and computers at a business where the man worked.

Allegations includes stealing satellite signals from Bell ExpressVu and Dish Network

An Ottawa man is facing two charges after he was arrested for selling pirated satellite receivers.

RCMP executed a search warrant on Dec. 20 at a business on Colonnade Road where officers seized satellite receivers and computers believed to have been used to modify legal satellite receivers to obtain encrypted signals from Bell ExpressVu and Dish Network.

One of the employees was arrested.

Police laid one charge under the Radiocommunication Act for decoding an encrypted subscription-programming signal and retransmitting it to the public and another criminal charge of selling a device to obtain telecommunication facility or service.

The man is scheduled to appear in court on January 30, 2013.

RCMP said if found guilty, one could face a fine or possibly a jail term not exceeding two years if they are caught with pirated satellite receivers.