Ottawa has been turned down by the province in its bid to install photo-radar cameras on city streets.

In June, city council voted unanimously to ask the province for permission to use photo radar to catch speeders after provincial statistics showed that speed is one of the biggest killers on Ontario roads, and a key factor in almost half of all fatal accidents.

However, Ontario'sMinistry of Transportation “is not considering re-introducing speed cameras in Ontario at this time,” said spokesman Neal Kelly.

Kellydid not provide a reason.

In 2004,Premier Dalton McGuinty saidhe was considering photo radar as a means of cutting back the provincial deficit.

"I’ve long been a supporter of photo radar … [and] we’re going to talk about that," he said at the time. "It’s a revenue generator, absolutely."

But McGuinty and the Liberals eventually decided that photo radar was politically unpalatable, and put the idea aside until Ottawa brought it up again.

Ontario used photo radar until 1995 when then-premier Mike Harris scrapped the machines. British Columbia had photo radar until 2001, while Alberta and Manitoba still use it.

Quebec has struck a committee to consider the technology.