Ottawa jazz singer Kellylee Evans struck by lightning

Local jazz singer Kellylee Evans, scheduled to perform at the Ottawa Jazz Festival this week, is recovering at home after her house was struck by lightning two weeks ago.

Kellylee Evans will need a cane as she gets set to play Ottawa Jazz Festival on Friday

Ottawa's Kellylee Evans describes how she was struck by lightning and how to avoid it. 1:22

A local jazz singer scheduled to perform at the Ottawa Jazz Festival is recovering at home after she was struck by lightning two weeks ago.

Kellylee Evans, 38, of Ottawa said she was injured while she stood in her kitchen wiping the counter and washing dishes during a storm.

Evans told the CBC's Alan Neal she was also barefeet on a concrete floor and she was standing by a window when she felt a "jolt."

Evans said she will use a cane for a short time.

She also said her speech is a bit slurred but that she won't have to cancel any shows. Evans is set to perform on Friday in Ottawa at the jazz festival.