Kitchissippi residents say they're at their wits' end over infill development in their neighbourhoods, and they have no shortage of stories to fuel their frustration.

Coun. Jeff Leiper, who represents the west Ottawa ward, published a letter outlining some of the grievances with which residents have called his office — everything from belligerent workers to improperly handled chemicals.

He's asking for more, inviting residents to send him their horror stories. 

"Infill is a reality in the ward," Leiper wrote. "It's not too late to hit reset on the relationship between builders and neighbours."

But some residents would rather hit reset on the zoning rules that govern the industry. 

Others shared their stories of infill and construction projects gone wrong.

infill construction kitchissipi

Coun. Jeff Leiper posted this image of a Kitchissippi Ward resident's exchange with a construction company. He's asked people to share their construction horror stories. (Jeff Leiper)