Bruce Roney Ottawa Humane Society

Bruce Roney, the executive director of the Ottawa Humane Society, says a problem with their supplier is leaving them short of food for animals in their care. (CBC)

The Ottawa Humane Society says it’s going through a shortage of canned wet food for the animals in its care.

IAMS donates wet and dry food to the humane society every year. But due to a plant conversion, the supply of canned wet food has been temporarily stopped.

"The supply shortage is due to a plant conversion that we are undertaking to ensure a more robust, quality supply chain for the future," IAMS said in an emailed statement.

The humane society's executive director, Bruce Roney, said the problem started in the spring and that IAMS had been giving cash instead. But the society is coming up on its limit of cash for the year, Roney said.

“We didn’t budget for this so we’re reaching out to the community, letting them know that we have a short-term problem with pet food,” he said.

Roney said the public can help by donating money, IAMS-brand canned chicken cat and kitten food or IAMS canned dog and puppy food.

He said a consistent diet is key for their animals’ health, so they’re given the same food every day.

The Ottawa Humane Society takes care of 11,000 animals every year. Its internal budget for food is around $80,000 a year, Roney said.