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Ottawa Easter traditions in the 1960s

Fifty years ago, people living in Ottawa enjoyed hunting for eggs and eating with family and friends on the Easter long weekend, but they also had some different traditions. We dug through the archives to find some for you.

We dug through the CBC archives to see how Ottawans celebrated Easter in the 60s

Children inspect Easter eggs in Ottawa in the 1960s. (CBC)

For many people, Easter brings back fond memories of egg hunts, baby chicks hatching and time with family and friends. 

But, some people living in Ottawa in the 1960s may also recall huge crowds at the Towers store, and talk of rabbit TV dinners.

Check out the videos below to see how people did Easter 1960s style.

Bargain hunting at the mall

Good Friday was a day for deal hunting in Ottawa in the 1960s 0:57

Hat shopping

Shoppers try on Easter hats at a store in the 1960s 1:07

Children and chicks

Children get a chance to see chicks hatch and cuddle with some furry ones. 0:45

Easter egg hunt

Children enjoy a traditional Easter egg hunt in the 1960s. 0:33

Demand for rabbit meat

Rabbit meat was in high demand in the 1960s and farmers raised the cute creatures for TV dinners. 1:03