An 80-year-old Ottawa doctor has resigned just days before facing a disciplinary hearing for allegations of sexual abuse and harassment filed by his former receptionist.

Dr. Megeri Ede was scheduled to face the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario's disciplinary committee on Monday in Toronto. The hearing was going to look at accusations of sexual harassment by his former receptionist, who also claimed Ede sexually abused her while she was his patient.

Those allegations date back to April and May of 2009. Ede’s receptionist also criminally charged him with sexual assault in 2009, but those charges were withdrawn.

Ede had also been scheduled for a second hearing in February for allegations that he failed to comply with the college’s medical records policy related to 25 of his patients since January 2010.

The college accused him of "disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct."

Both hearings cancelled, allegations withdrawn

Both hearings have been cancelled and the college has withdrawn all allegations associated with the two hearings because Ede promised to stop practising medicine.

None of the allegations were ever proven in court.

"Dr. Ede resigned from the College and has agreed never to apply or reapply for registration as a physician in Ontario or any other jurisdiction," wrote Kathryn Clarke, spokeswoman for the college, in an email.

Ede’s resignation takes effect Oct. 31. His medical licence remains restricted until the resignation is official.

Those restrictions were first put in place in June 2011. The college only allowed Ede to treat male patients unless a "female practice monitor" was in the room, documents show.

Ede has continued to practice at an Appletree Medical Group clinic at 368 Slater St. in downtown Ottawa while he awaited his hearings. But that caused some logistical issues for the clinic. Sometimes Ede was the only doctor scheduled, meaning women were forced to find other clinics for treatment.

Ede was also listed as working at an Appletree clinic on Merivale Road and the Rideau-Friel Medical Centre on Rideau Street.

The doctor was already disciplined in 2005 when he admitted to encouraging patients to join a financial scheme while practising in Petawawa, Ont., west of Ottawa.

He was fined $5,000 and forced to take a course on ethics.

Ede, who has specialized in internal medicine, received his medical licence in 1978, according to documents from the college, after graduating from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in 1964.