A group of current and former employees at Canada Revenue Agency in Ottawa went to Toronto on Tuesday to pick up $32,685,304.80 they won in the June 6 Lotto Max draw.

CRA lotto max draw winners Ottawa June 11 2014

In this photo, 23 of the 26 Canada Revenue Agency employees who won $32.7 million in a lottery jackpot stand with their cheque on Tuesday. (OLG)

Some people in the lottery group of 26 people no longer work for the CRA, but still contribute to the lottery team. They're between 27 and 63 years old.

Philippe Bussière has been in charge of the collection for about six years.

Reached at his office on Wednesday morning, Bussière said to contact OLG for comment. In a media release issued by OLG, Bussière said he's overwhelmed.

"It's been a crazy weekend of talking to the group, convincing them this win was not a joke. I heard a lot of joyous screaming on the phone," he is quoted as saying.

The winning members of the group are:

  • Philippe Bussière – Ottawa
  • Angela Scaffidi Argentina – Ottawa
  • Anik Wilson – Ottawa
  • Barry Paulson – Ottawa
  • Benoît Gratton – Gatineau, Que.
  • Colin McGerray – Limoges, Ont. 
  • David Pembroke – Ottawa
  • Deanna Livingston – Ottawa
  • Fiona Peters – Ottawa 
  • Francine Moore – Gatineau
  • François Lalonde – Gatineau 
  • Hélène Bray – Ottawa 
  • Kerry Allen – Ottawa 
  • Kristina Dyck – Ottawa 
  • Linda Eburne – Ottawa
  • Lise Lafortune – Ottawa 
  • Lise Monette – Gatineau 
  • Lucie Hamel – Val-des-Monts, Que. 
  • Manon Carrière – Gatineau
  • Matthew Brennan – Ottawa
  • Mélanie Forcier – Ottawa
  • Michel Patry – Ottawa 
  • Nathalie Lambert – Gatineau
  • Simon Teather – Ottawa 
  • Susan Brady – Chelsea, Que. 
  • Suzie Vajcovec – Ottawa 

The winning ticket was purchased at International News at 269 Laurier Ave. in downtown Ottawa.