The proposed pedestrian and cycling bridge was begun in 2011 but much of the work had to be redone because of issues with the concrete.

An Ottawa city councillor is demanding a third-party review into the long-delayed pedestrian and cycling bridge over the Airport Parkway.

The towering structure off Cahill Drive West and north of Hunt Club Road was begun in 2011, but problems with the concrete used meant significant portions had to be dismantled and rebuilt.

Two years later, the project is not finished, and River Ward councillor Maria McRae has asked for an independent review to find out why.

"It's gone on long enough," said McRae. "The delay is significant, I share the disappointment of the community, I share the bewilderment of the community."

"I cannot make sense of this project why it's not done yet," she said.

McRae said deputy city manager Nancy Schepers has agreed to the review, but hasn't decided when it will begin.

The review will look at both internal and external factors, including the contractor, Louis W. Bray Construction Limited, said McRae. She said the city should consider "every option," which could include legal action to recoup costs, or even black-listing the company.

The last time the city commissioned such a review was after the sink hole that swallowed a car and driver in Orleans. The same contractor, Louis Bray, was cleaning out a storm drain pipe under Hwy. 174 in 2012 when it collapsed later that day.