Sharpen your pencil crayons — an Ottawa-themed colouring book featuring drawings from local artists is coming in the capital.

Jason Cobill and Maxime Gauthier-Kwan were awarded a $1,000 Awesome Ottawa grant for their Ottawa in Colour project that reflects life in the capital.

"At first, we expected to get a lot of landmarks and monuments and that kind of thing but people have been drawing their local neighbourhood chip wagon and beautiful scenes of their neighbourhoods or the festivals that they enjoy," Cobill said.

The trend of adults colouring books has been growing — a top seller on Amazon is Release your anger, featuring 40 swear words to colour your anger away.

Cobill and Gauthier-Kwan commissioned animators, illustrators and urban sketchers to answer the question, "What do you love about Ottawa?" in black-and-white prints that can be filled in with pencil crayons.

"It's not angry at all. It's a total love letter to Ottawa," Cobill said. "We can't wait to share them with everybody."

The colouring books are not yet for sale but you can download one of the prints, Emilie Darlington's Tulip Festival drawing, from the Ottawa in Colour website.

Ottawa in colour book

Emilie Darlington's drawing, which is featured in the Ottawa colouring book, was inspired by the annual Tulip Festival. (courtesy of Ottawa in Colour)