Thursday was car-free day in Ottawa as the city asked residents to try bussing, bicycling, or just plain walking.

From the cyclists who met at the Champlain Bridge parking lot and the Remic Rapids parking lot, to the people who brought antique bicycles to City Hall, perhaps no one was more enthusiastic about car-free day than Carleton student Ryan Boxem.

Boxem chose car-free day to say goodbye to his Honda Civic — not just for the day, but for good.

"I've had a car ever since I started driving. But, now that I live in Ottawa, I feel it's important for me to now not have a car," he said.

The environmental student says the city's bike paths inspired him to ditch his car and become a "die-hard cyclist."

"For me, it's not a necessity to have a car, and I think that's what we all need to look at. Do we really need our car or not?"

 Meanwhile, on Thursday morning, cyclists gathered at NCC parking lots to travel as a group to City Hall.

Volunteers set out signage to safely guide the cyclists downtown.

When they arrived at Marion Dewar Plaza on the north side of City Hall there was a temporary bicycle museum in place.

Vintage bicycles littered the lawn to motivate drivers to consider commuting on two wheels.

Ottawa resident George Marko pulled up on a blue, electric scooter. He said he turned in his OC Transpo pass this month to help finance his eco-friendly wheels.

"That first week in Ottawa on the bus was just horrible. I’m just having fun now," Marko said.

 "We're hoping that we will start to change habits over time," said Coun. Diane Deans.

"I know, myself, I'm taking the bus more frequently than I used to, and I'm finding a lot less stress in my day," Deans said.