If you live in Ottawa then there's a good chance you've seen this car.

The decked-out Honda is decorated in a plethora of hood ornaments and is equipped with spinning hubcaps, a rear spoiler, and subwoofers.

At night, the car can be seen from a mile away with its red, yellow and green LED lights. It looks like Back the Future's Delorean time machine. Except, a little bit more eccentric.


LBG Ismael said he bought the car for $100. (Arash Randjbar/CBC)

The car is an attention grabber and whether it makes you smile or cringe, there's no denying its uniqueness.  

But perhaps, more unique than the car is the driver himself. His name is LBG Ismael. He's a mechanic, father, and a proud Canadian.


LBG Ismael, the Ottawa "Car Guy".

Ismael came to Canada in 2007 after escaping war-torn Congo. Here in Canada, Ismael said he is thankful for his new life, his Canadian rights and, of course, his one-of-a-kind car. Ismael bought the car for $100 — a "garbage car," he calls it — which he began repairing and customizing soon after.

Why go through all that effort to repair and customize a $100 car?

His answer was simple: "To make people happy."