An Ottawa animation producer is preparing to sell 20,000 pieces of his collection of rare movie memorabilia, art and posters to partially benefit the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Peter Adamakos, 68, said he’s been building his collection since he was a child and wants to make sure his pieces, including original pencil drawings from early Disney films, stay in the hands of people who share his passion for animation.

"You hold this drawing in your hand and you’re saying ‘imagine the people who drew this,'" Adamakos said.

Adamakos said his first thought was to have his collection be the "cornerstone" of some sort of museum, but that would be too much work for him to do alone.

He said he came to the Kidney Foundation of Canada to offer some of the proceeds from the sale and to find volunteers who could help sort through it all.

Peter Adamkos animation memorabilia sale

Ottawa animation producer Peter Adamakos says he wants to make sure his massive collection gets into the hands of collectors and fans. (CBC)

Adamakos and eight other volunteers have catalogued more than 4,000 pieces over the last six months, with the goal of holding some sort of show to sell them in the fall.

"Just given the size of the collection, we realize this is going to be an ongoing effort probably for the next eight or nine months," said Bruce Hill, senior development manager for the Kidney Foundation of Canada’s eastern Ontario branch.

"If he truly wants to catalogue the whole collection we might be doing this for the next twenty years."

However, Adamakos said he doesn’t want to get rid of every last piece.

"I’ve always said when I end up homeless with a shopping cart, in there will be some original art," he said.

Some of the items that have already been catalogued are currently for sale online.