Michael Wassill died Thursday in hospital, his family said. (Photo provided by Wassill's family)

An Ottawa man who was stabbed at his home in Orleans has died in hospital, according to his family.

Michael Wassill, 20, was stabbed in the neck at his home on Fernleaf Crescent last week and had been in critical condition in hospital.

Last week, Wassill's uncle Paul Champ said Michael had "irreversible brain damage" and would not recover.

Ottawa Police say Wassill's family notified them of Michael's death Thursday afternoon.

Ottawa Police Major Crimes Unit said the charges against the accused, 20-year-old Carson Morin, will be upgraded.

"We'll be consulting a crown attorney and upgrading the charges according to the advice of the crown. Major crimes has been following the case and assumed carriage a couple of days ago when it became obvious that the victim was going to take a turn for the worse. Now we're working the case hard," said Staff-Sergeant Bruce Pirt.

Morin is currently facing charges of attempted murder and possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace.

Wassill's family posted the news of his death Thursday evening.

"While this outcome was expected, it was no less devastating and we are all deeply mourning the loss of our son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend and hero," reads the latest post on a Facebook page called In Support of Michael Wassill.