Francine Beaudoin Orleans Daycare

Francine Beaudoin, program manager for La Coccinelle daycare in Ottawa, says the children were always within sight of a daycare worker. (CBC)

An Orleans daycare operator said at no time were the children out of sight of a daycare worker in an incident earlier this week in which parents said five children wandered away.

The children, ages four and five, went into a forest near École élémentaire catholique Reine-des-Bois on Tuesday afternoon while attending La Coccinelle daycare.

Francine Beaudoin, the daycare's CEO and program manager, said the children were playing on a soccer field when three ran down a hill and headed down a small path. A daycare worker took two of the children with her and went to get the other three children, she said.

The three children then ran into a family member of one of the children. Beaudoin said two of the children then returned to the school with the family member.

Beaudoin stressed that at no time were the children out of sight of the daycare worker.

However she said additional security measures would be taken.

Julie Proulx said on Tuesday her son Jaden was part of the group. She said she’s never sending her child back to that daycare.

“They say they always had eyes on him, but if you had eyes on my son, how come he ended up in a stranger’s car [on the way] back to school?” she said.