Ottawa's green bins can now accept dog feces, dirty diapers, plastic bags and other items never before allowed by the City of Ottawa. (CBC)

The company in charge of processing Ottawa's green bin compost has won an appeal to accept plastic bags, used diapers and dog feces at its south Ottawa plant.

Green bins first hit the nation's capital in the fall of 2009, but there remains a disagreement between the city and Orgaworld Canada Ltd. over the composting of materials such as plastic bags.

Orgaworld wanted to compost them but the city said no because of the strong odours it would cause. Orgaworld appealed that decision to Ontario's Environmental Review Tribunal in November 2009. The company argued its contract with the city allowed it to process those materials.

The tribunal decided Monday plastic bags, dog feces, dirty diapers and some other items not allowed before can now be composted by Orgaworld's Ottawa plant.

However, the city's green bin program still does not accept diapers or dog feces, so Ottawa residents won't be able to dispose of them just yet.

The city remains steadfast against such plans even though the items are allowed at Orgaworld plants in places such as Toronto.

"We will do everything we can to make sure that type of material does not come to this facility," Coun. Peter Hume said in November 2009, referring to the facility near the intersection of Rideau and Hawthorne roads.

The city is reviewing the recent tribunal decision.

A 20-year contract for Ottawa's green bin program was first approved by city council in the summer of 2008.