Veteran Ontario Provincial Police Const. Luanne MacDonald is facing several criminal charges, including allegations she secretly filmed a naked adult while on duty and then shared the recording, according to court documents obtained by CBC News. ​

MacDonald, 44, has been charged with voyeurism, distribution of voyeurism material, fraud, theft of telecommunications service, obstructing justice and three counts of breach of trust by a public officer. She is an eight-year member of the OPP based in Alexandria, Ont. east of Ottawa.

A second officer from the same OPP office, 41-year-old Const. John Bernard, has also been charged with two counts of breach of trust in the same investigation. Bernard is a 14-year OPP veteran.

Both officers have been suspended with pay and released with a promise to appear in court in Alexandria on Sept. 3.

OPP launched an internal investigation two years ago after receiving information that a constable in Alexandria was disclosing private information.

"The majority of our officers are good, well-rounded officers," said OPP Sgt. Kristine Rae.

"Unfortunately there are circumstances such as this. We will still investigate, we will charge and we will hold them accountable for what they're doing."

'They should have been more professional'

Residents of the small community of Alexandria are coming to grips with the disturbing news that two of their police officers are facing criminal charges.

"You know, it's sad, it's embarrassing on this town, what happened, and they should have been more professional," said resident Patricia Young.

"I think it does cast a shadow on this force as a whole," said Leo Lehtiniemi.

Resident Joe Seguin recalled how MacDonald, who grew up in the area, once cut him some slack during a traffic stop.  

"I can't say nothing against her because she was a nice person. She stopped me on the road and she was OK," he said.

Alexandria, situated 100 kilometres east of Ottawa, has a population of 3,500 people.