A day after offering a reward in an unsolved hit-and-run, Ontario Provincial Police in Hawkesbury, Ont., canvassed drivers Friday near the site of the fatal crash.

Police have offered a $50,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in connection with the death of Jessica Godin.

Godin, 18, was found dead in a ditch in Fournier, Ont., about 80 km east of Ottawa, on Sept. 24.

Natalie Godin, Jessica's mother, has been regularly visiting the cross that now marks the spot where her daughter was killed.

She said the lack of movement in the case has been frustrating.

Few leads in case

"Finding a person... it's important," said Godin. "Knowing what happened and why my daughter is gone... as a parent you want to know why you lost a child."

OPP say they have little to go on, as only a few pieces of physical evidence were found at the crime scene. Investigators say they're not even sure what color or make of vehicle they're looking for.

Const. Pierre Dubois said police are seeking any information, no matter how seemingly trivial.

"I can't say what piece of information they need, it might be anything," said Dubois. "We have so many doors open on this information, we don't want to jeopardize any possibilities."