The union for Ottawa's English public elementary school teachers is telling their members to quit participating in extra-curricular activities, which is pushing at least one parent to consider transferring her children to a different school board.

The Ottawa-Carleton Elementary Teachers' Federation said it wants to take the action after a one-day political protest walkout was declared "unlawful" last week.

This all comes after the Ontario government imposed contracts on teachers earlier this month.

Some parents worry this move could have a negative effect on their children, especially children with learning disabilities.

That has also sparked some thought among parents about moving their children to a Catholic or private school.

"I"m considering switching [my children], or switching my daughter in particular, to Catholic school next year," said Jennifer Greene, whose 11-year-old daughter has a learning disability.

Cancelled club, musical a loss for 11-year-old girl

Greene said making the cross-country and soccer teams helped her daughter. She also joined a club and school musical, but those two activities were cancelled.

The principal of an Ottawa private school also said she has recently received more inquiries about spots at her school.

"Some of the labour strife recently has, I think, tipped them a little bit more towards looking to some different alternatives," said Meg Garrard, principal at Westboro Academy on Bronson Avenue.

"Our phones have been ringing a little bit more frequently, and there have been lots of requests for tours and assessments for their children - some who are even requesting their children transfer in mid-year."

Greene said she would wait until February before making a final decision about transferring her children.